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Recent Works

Battle of the Bits (code/layout)

An international music competition community mixed with elements of MMORPGs. Users are known as BotBrs. They receive experience points, level-ups, auras, and bonuses based on their activity. This is a never ending project, Firteen Design's first love, and currently still recovering from a complete rewrite.


Recycle Detroit — Summer '09 Pledge Drive (code/layout)

A very simple web page used to expand Recycle Detroit's emailing list. Their previous email list (~250 contacts) was converted from an Excel spreadsheet to the current MySQL database. This page was launched during the year's annual Detroit Electronic Music Festival.


Stoos Karaoke (code)

A social networking site built for patrons of Stoo's roving karaoke service. Features include: forum, private mail, photo sharing and a searchable index of over 22,000 songs. The song list was converted from an Excel spreadsheet, duplicates removed, and stored in a MySQL database. It was also converted to a nice PDF songbook (1.35mb) for print.


Headsocket Films (code/design)

A portfolio site for film maker Jake Stafford. The flash style interface was built using jQuery and AJAX. The different pages are manageable from an admin panel.


Atomic Art Co. (code/design)

A service for the cooperative members to communicate and share their works with the world. Due to many members leaving the area the group went defunct; the website fell offline. Functions included: member dues tracker, galleries and a forum.