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The WordPress Ping List

Saturday, February 12th 2011 3:14pm

Today, I was looking for a wordpress plugin that used shopify's api to list products in a sidebar. I didn't find that exactly. And because it was such a foreign concept to google, I saw some weird suggestions. What is all this pinging again?

Well, in WordPress terms, it's a bit more complicated than a simple network ping. When you publish an article, WordPress sends out a message to ping service websites. These sights are then supposed to post a link back to your blog for SEO popularity and shear fun's sake.

There are a handful of long ping lists that popup when you search for them. I randomly picked 6 sites from this list, and they were all down having an empty root showing or their domain for sale. Google is in the list in many variations, but a little investigation shows google would rather you add your blog to their blogsearch. Yahoo might be a similar story. Pinging to dead sites will slow your site down; your blog has to wait until the timeout. I wonder how many of these services are actually experiments with spamdexing? Regardless, the pagerank for a fledgling cloud experiment is probably close to none.

I'm not directly experienced on this matter. But it all seems a little shady. Search 'ping index blog' and you've got all sorts of multi-ping submitting services. How many of these ping services result in more spam attempts in your blog's comments? I have no idea!

So, for now, I will stick to the suggested ping sites in the WordPress codex.

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