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Made a List, Checked it Twice ;D/

Friday, December 25th 2009 8:47pm

I've tried to keep a tab on all the features that Battle of the Bits (BotB) has had to offer both currently and in it's previous incarnation. On a few, rarer cases it can be a simple matter of compare and despair. Twas about a year ago that BotB was reborn with a new engine, still baking from scratch. So, to so righteously taunt one feature as naughty in favour of another feature, seemingly so nice, would take a heart of stone with a blind eye to cognitive dissonance.

All features are the fault of the programmer. The victories come in swells with bugs in their ebbs whilst visitors accompany mighty flows. It's an ocean worth drowning in. The calamity never seemed so calm.

I've been coding in circles about BotB's indigenous source files. The thing playing kickball in the back of my head led me to believe a task list was better than no list at all. So there it is. Things to consider when I'm in an inspired mood to truncate the database to just the living part. The dead part, the archive of the old BotB engine, holds data to old features. The steps required to truly move on require rebuilding these more obscure features and converting their data, albeit table structures or actual files. Classes will face decoupling, the framework dosed with refactoring, and old objects shall breathe again. Then, we have a book burning party and move on with our lives.

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