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Tutorial Run : 3D Glass (ice) Text Effect

Wednesday, December 16th 2009 12:45pm

I gave 3D Transparent Glass Text Effect a try. The whole time I was doing it, however, I was thinking "ice" instead of "glass". Yes, I have no cognitive issues!

Full Resolution 1900x1200 2.07mb

I think I strayed from the path a bit. But that's fine! Practice is practice! Stick that in your glassy, icy stare there! The first thing I did different was created my own textures for the background instead of the ones supplied.

...and then it went all downhill from there. While I really appreciate the effort that goes into nice photoshop tutorials, I have to wonder how much time would be saved if the settings were typed rather than captured in a screenshot. Next thing you know, you are looking at 50 images of dialog boxes. I also don't understand the necessity of changing the texture images into patterns so they may be applied in the 'Pattern Overlay' layer effect. Save some time, just make a new layer with the blending mode you want.

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