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Going Public with a New Layout

Thursday, May 21st 2009 5:59pm

What does it mean to go public seven months after launch? Wait, when did I first put this site up? Alls I know is it's my birthday and the first post is from last October. But, starting today, I've got a new look here and would-be readers can now drop their comments!

With the old design my content was rather boxed-in to a single window. If you just want to display a few pages that can be fine. But if this blog engine of mine is going to show off my 'mad-skillz-yo' we need extra little boxes on the side showing variations of ontology.

So I needed a new design for functionality's sake and a practice run on photoshop to XHTML translations never hurt any body. I went for a clean, soft, semi-modern "stuck at school in autumn" look. The firteen logo is now a blue ribbon button. The decorations across the top still need fiddling. I had fun using the different websafe sans-serif fonts for their purposes. The faux-3D bend in the design was slightly inspired by snook which may have been inspired by an optical illusion book published in the 70's, most probably inspired by the lifelong works of M.C. Escher and we shall never know what Nether-worldly daemons he was partying with! A proper 'begot-ism'! Ooooh!! Look! I can't tell if it's coming at me or going away!??! o___O

And so we'll take a gander at the old design. This layout came from me trying to meld 'business-safe' colors with juxtaposed elements. I really like the way serif-font Georgia sits on top of the parchment. Fire + Water are dueling it out up top!

For a brochure site, it did the job. Unfortunately, my personality is just too big for a mere brochure. I'm a bloggist and bloggists do what bloggists are. As the Battle of the Bits Elders often say to each other — "Now what?!?!?"

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