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Another One Bites the Blog-o-Sphere — Let's Do it with Style

Tuesday, October 14th 2008 1:07am

Hello there. I thought I would take a time-out from my hectic, three week, Hawai'ian dog sitting gig to start a blog. I mean, a guy has got to keep himself entertained, right? Besides, all of you people who don't know me need a chance to get to know me.

...and so, right now, I'm trying out this blog engine. It's a bit primitive, it's kind of crude, but it's designed and built by me — the user. So if I don't like the tool I am using I can only blame the tool who is using it. That's very simple. In fact, before I could finish writing this seminal blog entry, I had to spend time monkeying around, pawing about: morphing my blog editor into something worth using. How could I expect other individuals to potentially enjoy these tools if I know they operate like monkey poo?

Why do we blog?
And that's an important question, kids. We blog because we want page hits — the sweet payload to hours of sleepless, sweaty nights spent blogging in a crooked chair. Post after post, if a blog covers anything remotely useful, the blogger and interweb surfers have higher chances of finding each other. And that's what these interwebs are all about!

So join me. Subscribe to the rss feed. If you don't know already, find out what an rss feed is — you might even thank me. And that's exactly the kind of little tidbit topics I plan on blogging on about.

Go, little blog, go.

Aloha & Mahalo! =D/

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