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Making BotB's entry Table Better for Sorting

For the zillionth time I've decided it would be cool if BotB's radio included the One Hour Battle entries. It would really spice it up. Right now the radio only plays back tracks from the major battles which are guaranteed to have .mp3 files ready.   read more

posted by Langel    Sunday, August 14th 2011 4:04pm    Comments (1571)


The Spam Battle Continues...

I took my first whack at spam. Blocking IPs was a good start but I'm still spending too much time deleting these comments. Spam seems to have no shortness on available IP addresses nor do they run out of cute things to write —   read more

posted by Langel    Tuesday, September 8th 2009 2:52pm    Comments (14)


Let's Battle Comment Spam with a PHP/MySQL DNSBL and no CAPTCHA

While I'm logged in to my blog, I have an administrative delete button under every comment. But throwing a message in the trash is only effective against other humans. It is not the best strategy when attempting to thwart malicious, evil robots from the nethernets.   read more

posted by Langel    Wednesday, August 26th 2009 11:12am    Comments (18418)


Why Writing a Blogging Engine is not an Absolute Waste of Time

Writing your own blog engine may not be an absolute waste of time. But, pragmatically speaking, it will massively divide your time. Tracing and killing bugs is an exhausting sport, and bug hives are a side effect of programming. You'll most likely not get everything right the first try, and sometimes you won't find out there is something wrong until much later.   read more

posted by Langel    Wednesday, July 22nd 2009 7:04pm    Comments (1180)