"Computers are my best friends. When I help people find each other without knowing they used a computer, my best friends and I revel in our little secret!"    -Langel



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Why Writing a Blogging Engine is not an Absolute Waste of Time

Writing your own blog engine may not be an absolute waste of time. But, pragmatically speaking, it will massively divide your time. Tracing and killing bugs is an exhausting sport, and bug hives are a side effect of programming. You'll most likely not get everything right the first try, and sometimes you won't find out there is something wrong until much later.   read more

posted by Langel    Wednesday, July 22nd 2009 7:04pm    Comments (1180)


Another One Bites the Blog-o-Sphere — Let's Do it with Style

Hello there. I thought I would take a time-out from my hectic, three week, Hawai'ian dog sitting gig to start a blog. I mean, a guy has got to keep himself entertained, right? Besides, all of you people who don't know me need a chance to get to know me.   read more

posted by Langel    Tuesday, October 14th 2008 1:07am    Comments (1937)