"Computers are my best friends. When I help people find each other without knowing they used a computer, my best friends and I revel in our little secret!"    -Langel



Learning Vim because it's 20 Years Old

I was perusing my RSS aggregator and stumbled across Vector Storm's birthday wish to vim, a grandfather of text editors. I can't think of another piece of software that has changed so little over 20 years and is still so commonplace. Kind of neat.   read more

posted by Langel    Monday, November 21st 2011 2:26pm    Comments (21)


I Have a New Job

For the past two years, I have been mainly surviving off a bouncer position at a local club and bar. I've slowly moved up. Tonight will be the first time I bar tend an actual show! But this is not what I mean by 'new job'.   read more

posted by Langel    Saturday, October 15th 2011 11:52am    Comments (28)


Making BotB's entry Table Better for Sorting

For the zillionth time I've decided it would be cool if BotB's radio included the One Hour Battle entries. It would really spice it up. Right now the radio only plays back tracks from the major battles which are guaranteed to have .mp3 files ready.   read more

posted by Langel    Sunday, August 14th 2011 4:04pm    Comments (1571)


Shopify blog to Feedburner to Yahoo Pipes

A long time ago I had the idea to amalgamate all the different blog feeds that fall under the Firteen banner. A couple weeks back, I slapped together firteenMedia, a website that will slowly morph into the main hub for all Firteen activity. Without much effort using yahoo Pipes, I created an amalgamation of RSS feeds, sorted them by date, and then dynamically loaded them into the new website using jQuery like so —   read more

posted by Langel    Saturday, March 12th 2011 3:07pm    Comments (214)


The WordPress Ping List

Today, I was looking for a wordpress plugin that used shopify's api to list products in a sidebar. I didn't find that exactly. And because it was such a foreign concept to google, I saw some weird suggestions. What is all this pinging again?   read more

posted by Langel    Saturday, February 12th 2011 3:14pm    Comments (1582)


Battle of the Bits 3.0 in the works thanks to FECES

It's been a slow evolution over the last six years. Two years ago began a complete rebuild of the BotB system. With my own fledgling php/mysql framework guinea-pigged on clients, I was poised for a huge dose of optimization in the BotB system. Porting the old code took me over a year, and some of it still isn't complete, but it functions enough to keep the community active. I also had to create all new templates and views to work with my new system : Firteen Electronic Content Engine System (FECES).   read more

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Last March, long after doing research and experiments, I started and never finished some blog entry entitled "How to Choose a Link Shortener" or some crap like that. Everyone loves chain-links dipped in shortening and deep fried. Ouch, my toof! Should have tried url shortening...   read more

posted by Langel    Saturday, October 2nd 2010 1:47pm    Comments (6886)